About Farm Regency Resort

We know your ‘me-time’ is important to you. Keeping this in mind, we have ensured that there is something to suit every single person who comes home to us.What even more attractive is the fact that all these luxuries are just an hour's drive away from Borivali or a 20-minute ferry-ride from Gorai Jetty! So whether it is fun with your loved ones in the family swimming pool, dancing your heart out with friends in the rain dance area or enjoying the best cuisines at our restaurant or just spending time with yourself in blissful tranquillity, we have a plethora of facilities designed just for you so that you can enjoy exactly what you have come for - absolute bliss.

Farm regency

Our Attractions

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Big swimming pools

The fun is unlimited for all age groups. We have different levels of water pools for the young ones, with their respective lifeguards. As for the grown-ups, there is a large swimming pool.

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Rain dance

Experience biggest rain dance floor in the Mumbai with cold water which nourishes your body and soul.

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Big Water Slides

We have big thrilling water slides with small children slide and family slide. Experience sliding with your entire family. With Ice bucket setup, enjoy water pressure on your body.

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DJ Music System

We have professional sound system with off Couse your favorite songs collection. We know how to make you dance on the floor.

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Big Parking Area

We have the big parking area where you can park your vehicle without any worries. We will take care of your valuable vehicles.

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Children play park

We have big play area specifically designed for children to play there. All age of children can play with each other. You can enjoy wholly ball, Football and other games as well.

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Restaurant & Bar

We have our own family Restaurant & bar with outdoor sitting where you can enjoy your food and drinks with your friends and family.

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Luxury Accommodation

All the rooms offer breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and lush greenery. The rooms available for the guests are well-planned and spacious.

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Fruit Plants

We have variety of fruits planted in our premises so you can have look of some rare fruits which are not available within the city.

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Birds and animals

Let your children experience the beauty of birds and animals in their natural settings. Our park features birds, fish, tortoise, rabbits, hens, ducks and many others. Watch them thrive and frolic, at peace and at home in the park.

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Garden Surrounding Area

As one of the largest resorts within the city area, our resort is replete with greenery, including flowering plants and those that have fruits and vegetables, etc. Suffice it to say that a day-long visit to our place with your family will be truly worth your while.

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Big stage available

Our premises offer a huge space with Stage that can cater to a multitude of purposes and handle large crowds as well. Plan your group getaways, Weddings, Birthday and anniversary Celebrations here. Satisfaction guaranteed!